Posts Which cloud to choose for better career?

Which cloud to choose for better career?

Welcome to our blog. The yet another frequently asked question is

Which cloud is better? AWS/ Azure / Google cloud/ which one ? Which one would be better for my career? Should I learn multi cloud?

Will try to answer our best and remember it’s just our opinion based on our experience and we are not a job consultant.

Which cloud to learn?

     Our recommendation is to choose based on your surrounding. Check what vendor your organisation is using and begin from there.

   That would be nice start so you can learn, relate how it’s used in your company. Get friendship with people in your company who work in that field.

People may not teach you entire skill set but anyone would clear your doubts and can help to up skill.

So Our Answer is “Learn what ever cloud your company uses” so you can relate and learn quick.


Remember AWS or any other it’s technically not a skill set , they are just vendors who provide cloud as service. So don’t love and be obsessed with any provider.

What if I am a fresher ? which one to choose?

   In your case do a self study which service your desire company using.

How can you find who is using what?

It’s simple go to Linkedin / Naukri / any job search website and search with keyword cloud <<company name>>. You should able see the job description and that will answer your question.

Should I learn multi cloud?

   I have seen few advice to learn multi cloud, as if it’s mandatory in industry. To be honest only top brands go with multi cloud and in the same hand they are going to expect you to be 10+ experience in the same area.

Where as all MNCs , mid and startup till hire for single cloud.

In Learning there are two types to proceed with

I way

as the shape of | to begin with start learning single cloud, go in depth of it, right from concepts to how to achieve via automation.

config as code may sound mystery but it’s not a coding it’s all just syntax (human friendly)

Once you done with that as you gain more experience in one cloud you can move to T way

This is where you can start learning multi cloud.

Remember ? We mentioned AWS / Azure they are just vendors. Something similar to Android and Apple. At the end of day you use that for common functionalities like calls, message etc.
Same way AWS / Azure /other solve the same purpose and mostly have similar service but may be with different name and on their own way.

Hope you find this useful. In our next blog let’s see which certificate to begin with if you have decided AWS as a cloud to start.

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