Posts Can I learn cloud?

Can I learn cloud?

Should you learn Cloud? - Read this

More often we receive similar questions

I am in x field having x experience .Shall I learn cloud ?
Do I need to know coding?
Will it be worth doing certification?
Which is best ? AWS or Azure?

and many more. Trying to answer all your questions in this series of blog.

Who can learn cloud?

       To be honest, no matter what your background on IT, cloud is for everyone.

To simplify, cloud is just a tool / service which you outsource rather purchasing the hardware.


       Think about back old days where you want to copy video files and share it to your friends.

As a minimum requirement you would need a pendrive that cost minimum of INR 400 - 500.

but with help of cloud you can achieve the same with few cents.

This is what cloud is mainly used in real world. Company uses cloud, rather spending their cost on procuring servers and maintaining the hardware of infrastructure.

Since as you scale you not only need to spend for hardware but also incur additional cost of landspace, power, Security etc.

Now back to the question, who can learn cloud?

Answer is anyone working in anypart of IT field can learn cloud and adopt to your own domain.

How can I switch to cloud?

       Many get fantasised with others profile and just want to switch to cloud with no idea.

I have seen developers wants to move to Cloud and to do admin job. Admin people fearing to learn cloud thinking , should I need to learn coding?

Answer is cloud is just a tool and people use it for their own technology.
Coding is not mandatory but willing to learn basic python, CLI commands and Devops topics is needed as you get more experience.

Are you an admin?
       Then focus on how to perform admin tasks using cloud.

Are you into Database
       Look for offerings that cloud can provide for database

Are you an developer
       Learn to adopt cloud to run your API’s , build your app as cloud native.

Are you a fresher
       Choose one primary skill like Networking , Database , Development , Learning cloud is an added advantage but be strong on any of the base skill.

Are you an analyst/consultant
       Focus on how you can adopt cloud in your project cost effective,secure , reliable and optimised way.

If you are in Non IT
       Try to learn cloud and do some freelance work get experience, start applying for startup / who knows you can even start your own consultancy. But don’t quit your current job before getting next grip on IT.

Would recommend not to switch to IT if you lost your job in IT, have some job in hand and try for IT in parallel, so that it don’t affect you financially. If you have financial support then go ahead and start learning. Best wishes.

:key:   sKey is always combine cloud with your core skill, by that you can easily reach heights and without loosing your relavant experience / interest

Hope we answered most of your questions. In our next post we will see which cloud to study? AWS/ Azure / anyother Cloud?

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