Posts Architecture of this Blog site.

Architecture of this Blog site.


Happy to announce we have started our own blog. This time we go serverless and fully hosted on AWS.

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Services Used:


CDN service with Asia region price class to reduce latency and to reduce S3 billing as most can be served from cache.

Future scope

Can onboard WAF and security features as the site grows. Can restrict supecious geo location incase if any attack observed.


AWS certificate Manager is used to procure ceertifiacte for our domain

Validity of certificate is 1 year and provided by AWS Certificate Authority

Route 53

We have used Route53 to add DNS records for the domain and also used for domain validation by creating a CNAME record.


The entire site is static website, hence we hosted our site in S3 bucket.

Future scope

As S3 has no storage limit, we can scale as much we need in future and billing is going to be pay as you go!

Billing Alarm

Billing alarm been configured , so just incase if it cross our budget we can bring the entire site down.

Lambda @ Edge

We use Lambda @ edge in our site to perform certain rewrites and drop custom headers

Future plans

Currently services are created manually considering the poc fact, going forward will consider moving to Infra as code approach and pipeline it. Cost estimation

Since we are still in Free-tier account we expect zero billing for now. But considering the factor

  • S3 storage cost

    Tiered price for: 3 GB

    3 GB x 0.0230000000 USD = 0.07 USD

    Total tier cost = 0.0690 USD (S3 Standard storage cost)

    100,000 PUT requests for S3 Storage x 0.000005 USD per request = 0.

    50 USD (S3 Standard PUT requests cost)

    100,000 GET requests in a month x 0.0000004 USD per request = 0.04 USD (S3 Standard GET requests cost)

    6 GB x 0.0007 USD = 0.0042 USD (S3 select returned cost)

    0.069 USD + 0.04 USD + 0.50 USD + 0.0042 USD = 0.61 USD (Total S3 Standard Storage, data requests, S3 select cost)

    S3 Standard cost (monthly): 0.61 USD

  • S3 Transfer cost

    0 Since transfering via cloudfront

  • Cloudfront billing

    On-demand Pricing -$0.72

    Regional data transfer - $0.36
    To serve HTTPS traffic - $0.0120 (first 10,000 we don;t think it’s going to go high for now)

    So expected billing max is 3 USD per month (incl tax) and can enjoy free service for a year if you just start free tier

Hope this helps! Will share more tech articles on this space!

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