Posts Is Certification necessary and Interview experiences

Is Certification necessary and Interview experiences

Session Date : 17th July 2021

Is Certification mandatory for job switch?

Certification is nothing a learning process, So start learning and practice , in parallel start updating your resume on services you covered and start applying.

For sure certification higher weightage but it’s not a blocker for you to apply for jobs.

Feel free to check our channel playlist, add it as your skillset in your Resume once covering each and every topic. Best Wishes.

I am a tester how can I switch to cloud?

Best way to move to cloud is to by adapting cloud to your current role , as cloud is always a good to have skillset. Always focus on your primary skillset and adapt cloud to your role.

I am a data scientist and my org asking to learn GCP is it worth doing?

Cloud offers Data scientist related services,

Example in AWS we have Redshift which is a Data ware house solution.

Definitely Cloud has vital role to play on this, go for GCP as your org already recommending that.

Why company push it’s employee to do certification?

Companies get certain perks either as billing discount or as AWS partner standards, that will help to boost their business.

Thats the reason for the company to push their employees to do certification

Interview Questions faced

How to move an EC2 instance from IPv4 to v6 withour downntime?

Follow below guide to add IPv6 to your VPC ,

You can use ENI to be mounted so Instances can be mounted via IPV4 and V6 instances.

How to run a Docker application from Linux to Windows machine

You can use if else inside docker image and execute commands based on base OS

Reference link below:

How to easily migrate an AWS instance to Azure or GCP

Below steps can be considered to achieve above

-> Build Machine Image using Packer, so can be easily build custom image for any cloud

-> Go with Terraform to launch the instance, so can be easily adopted for any cloud provider.

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