Posts Art and Convenience of writing

Art and Convenience of writing


More often we see people asking for a phone number or urging for a call straight away with no patience to convey their needs as a message. This made us to write us this post, to enlighten the Art of writing and advantages over it.

Time saver

  • Trust us , writing as message / mail would save you ample time, both in person or at work. By throwing a ball from your court to others you just make the other end person responsible, just like that and can focus on rest of task.

  • Writing all your need as message gives you third person perspective when you re read it for proofreading

  • This helps you to think one level deeper on your actual need, not just stopping you with blunt questions

  • You would be able to figure answers on your own , just by googling your message.

  • We too have life , so can’t arrange calls immediately , following above will helps to decrease your waiting time

Improves communication skills

  • Making your communication via text helps to document , so you can refer anytime in future.

  • You can improve your language, search for vocabulary where you lag.

  • Use tools like grammarly which helps to improve your grammar

Things to consider on mail / message writing

  • Use proper subject lines

  • Greet the person before jumping to your message

  • Check how they are doing.

  • Post getting response , Thank them and acknowledge to their message

Do you agree? share your views below in comment . Happy Learning.

Thanks for reading till the end.

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